Box Hill, Melbourne

Welcome to the Box Hill congregation!

From the Pastor, Steve Clark —

Steve ClarkYou have discovered a Church that seeks to uphold the faith once delivered. Jesus came preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God and challenged those who heard Him to repent and believe the gospel. With so much confusion among the various belief systems throughout our modern day world, what is the gospel? What is the truth?

The United Church of God endeavours to faithfully follow the teachings and the example of Jesus. He said that He did not come to destroy or relax the law of God. He came to show the full meaning and application of the law of love. We observe the seventh day Sabbath, along with the Holy Days and Festivals of God. We believe the Festivals reveal God's loving plan to bring many sons unto glory.

At our Sabbath services, we desire to look deeply into the word of God and understand what our great God wants us to do and to become. We sing hymns of praise and hear messages drawn straight out of the Bible that are intended to guide us on our spiritual journey.

If you would like to attend services with us or simply know more about the United Church of God and what we teach and practice, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We believe you will find our fellowship warm and uplifting.


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Service Details

The United Church of God has a congregation in Box Hill meeting each Sabbath (Saturday).  The weekly 2-hour worship Service is structured around Bible instruction, usually a sermon and hymns.  The Church has a range of activities for all ages, and aims to be a warm, caring fellowship.

Weekly Sabbath Service
Melbourne East

*To confirm venue details, please contact the pastor prior to the service.

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Local Ministry

Steve & Cathie Clark


Serving Melbourne East and Tasmania

Tel. 0420 285 173

Stephen Clark serves as Pastor of the Melbourne East and Tasmanian congregations.

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Bill & Rae Eddington

Serving in Victoria

Tel. (03) 9879 8209

Bill is the retired pastor of the Albury-Wodonga congregation, and now assists in pastoring congregations in Victoria. With his wife Rae, he has been a minister of Jesus Christ for over four decades.

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  • How God Communicates

    How God Communicates

  • What is Your Image of God?

    What is Your Image of God?

    We each have a perspective of God and how He relates to us and what He is doing with us. Is your image of God accurate?

    In this sermon Melbourne Pastor Steve Clark offers a biblically-based perspective of God, and shows how it can change how we live and our relationship with Him.

  • God's Authorised Calendar

    God's Authorised Calendar

    Is there a calendar described in the Bible? God commanded observances on specific days of the month throughout the year long before the Gregorian Calendar we now use was created. This sermon examines why the United Church of God uses the Hebrew (Jewish) calendar for determining the dates of God’s annual feast days.

  • Story of Ruth and Boaz

    Story of Ruth and Boaz

    Trevor Huthnance speaks of the relationship between Ruth and Boaz and the parallels and lessons we can learn.

  • Working Righteousness

    Working Righteousness

    Paul Vaughan speaks about being a 'worker' or 'righteousness', what that means, and why it's of central importance to anyone who wants to share a personal relationship with God.