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UCGia Bible Insights Thursday, May 14 2020

Who should we pray to?

Christians are encouraged to always pray and not to neglect their prayer life (Luke 18:1). Christ also gave His disciples clear instructions about who they are to pray to.

by Steve Myers

A question came in from one of our Beyond Today viewers. He wrote, “Do I pray to Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to deliver my prayer? Yes?” Well, the answer is no, not if you’re going to follow what Jesus Christ taught in the Bible.

He tells us in Matthew 6:9 very clearly He gave us the example, and He says, “In this manner therefore pray, ‘Our Father in heaven hallowed be Thy name.’

So here Christ maps it out very plainly. Some of the translations even say, “This is how you pray, ‘Our Father’.” And so Christ shows that our prayer needs to be directed to God. It’s communication. It’s talking to God, and it’s part of our worship to Him.

So when we look at what the Bible says about prayer, our prayer should be directed to the Father realizing that Jesus Christ is our intermediary. He is there and intercedes for us right there at the throne of God. And so the Bible is clear. Our prayer should be directed to God.

In fact the Apostle Paul asked God’s church in Rome that they would pray and have their prayers directed to God. That’s over in Romans 15:30. In fact Romans also tells us we can come directly to God. We can come directly to Him and ask and petition and worship God the Father directly. And by doing that we’re also worshiping Jesus Christ.

And so if we’re going to follow the instructions that our Savior Jesus Christ gave, remember Matthew 6:9 because the Holy Spirit is the power by which God works, and so direct your prayers to God the Father as Jesus Christ Himself gave us instructions.