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UCGia Bible Insights Thursday, July 23 2020

The search for life: Are we alone?

Life on earth is tenacious, often appearing in even the most impossible habitats our planet can muster. But in comparison to the harsh environments of space, it becomes clear that life in fact needs just the right conditions to survive.

by Steven Britt

Over recent decades mankind has spent billions of dollars and untold hours searching for life outside planet Earth. The immense material and human resources dedicated to the task of finding such life are acts of faith—faith rooted in the false belief system of evolution.

As deeper exploration into the heavens revealed an innumerable amount of stars in every direction, the secular scientific world realized that, if evolution is true, there is no logical reason for intelligent life to be limited to earth. In fact, it is virtually unthinkable under that assumption!

But there is widespread disagreement over the environmental factors necessary for life, and the classification of currently known exoplanets as “habitable” is highly speculative. The word itself conjures up the image of an earth-like environment, but in its current astronomical usage it is based on rough parameters that by no means guarantee life could actually survive.

So many are desperate to encounter an advanced alien race, few consider God is, Himself, an extraordinary extraterrestrial life form of supreme intelligence! Not only that, but He has made deliberate contact with mankind in numerous ways!

In stark contrast to our search for non-existent alien signals, we as a species have refused to hear the glaring, repeated and undeniable transmissions of our loving Creator.

From the Bible, we learn that human life is not the cosmic accident of a cold, uncaring universe, but the unique, intentional creation of a loving God who is reaching out to communicate and form a relationship with you!