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UCGia Bible Insights Thursday, March 28 2024

Good Bible study resources available online

Almost every Bible student wishes they had more Bible translations, concordances, lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries and other Bible aids which give additional background information and added insight into both familiar and hard-to-understand Scriptures.

Buying these books can be expensive, but now many such resources can be accessed online. Making use of this technology can aid our understanding of the Bible, making us more effective servants of our Almighty God.

Online Bibles And Helps

If we want to check a Scripture in various translations, there are a number of Bible versions available through our Internet browsers, such as the Blue Letter Bible Website (, ( and the Bible Gateway (

Free Downloadable Bible Software

Free Bible study software can be accessed at the e-Sword home page found at The e-Sword project follows in the tradition of Johannes Gutenberg, who originally made the Scriptures widely available through the printing press. E-Sword offers you numerous dictionaries and commentaries, which you can download and access on your computer or phone.

Bible Commentary

Another great online Bible resource is the United Church of God Bible Commentary ( which contains a commentary of all the books of the Old Testament.

Bible Study Course

The United Church of God also offers a 12-lesson Bible Study Course, which can be accessed online or, upon request, be mailed to you without cost in printed form. Some of the subjects covered include:

Ambassador Bible Center Classes

Ambassador Bible Center is an intensive seven-month program covering the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Access to these classes are at where you can find the following classes:

Subject Searching And Personal Answers

You may also find it useful to search the and web sites by subject to access its wealth of biblical articles, booklets, sermons and other resources. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for with a search, you are always welcome to submit a question by email at . The United Church of God personal correspondence team can help you find answers to your biblical and Christian living questions in our literature and with personal answers by email.