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UCGia Bible Insights Thursday, April 02 2020

Flatten the curve

The effects of the coronavirus continues to have a worldwide impact on health and also the economy. It’s important we do our part to follow government guidelines to help stem the spread and effect of this pandemic.

by Darris McNeely

As I speak this morning, the effects of the coronavirus continue to have a worldwide impact. It’s been called a pandemic. It has impacted the stock markets around the world, whole countries have now begun to be shut down. In my own professional and personal life, it’s begun to impact me as decisions have had to be made regarding travel, conferences, etc., that are no longer going to be held in the same way or postponed. And I still have other decisions that will have to be made as well. And I’m sure you do, too. But what I want to talk about here today is the very important fact that all of us take the precautions to do what we are asked to be doing by government agencies, by the Center for Disease Control here in the United States, your country health facilities wherever you are, to mitigate, to contain, to get this particular virus, this coronavirus, this COVID-19 virus down to a level where it is contained and can no longer spread in the way that it has been throughout the societies.

We’ve got a chart on the board here that is from the Center for Disease Control in the United States that basically illustrates something we all need to understand. If you look at that orange spike, that is what happens when nothing is done or when a virus like this rages throughout a population and the infected rate goes up, the mortality rate goes up. And that is potentially what could happen with the COVID-19 virus if we don’t take the necessary measures that we’re being asked to take and cooperate with them and stay calm, but work through them in this way. What we want to do is to get the entire picture down to what is portrayed by the blue curve there, that short one there. We don’t wanna see this going up and down. We wanna get it to the blue one. This one this way.

This is what I’ve learned by watching Dr. Anthony Falchi, one of America’s experts in disease control and what he has said, he basically has illustrated this time and time again on his efforts to educate the population, we’ve got to get it to this. And it’s when we get it to this, what this blue area represents, that it is contained, and fewer people will be infected, impacted, and certainly fewer people will die.

The coronavirus is a virus that is new. There is at this point, as I speak, no vaccine for it, countries are rushing to develop one, but we don’t have one. And so when you get it, you’re vulnerable, especially the older populations. Younger people can get it as well, and they can spread it to the older populations.

So really, we’re all in this together. And the more we do this, the more we show love for our neighbor, what God tells us that we should do, this is a very practical way to accomplish this. The biblical laws of quarantine basically have this at their very heart. By containing a contagion, a virus, some type of a disease, we spare the community, we put it into a box in a sense, and fewer and fewer people over a period of time contract it. We can get to that. Remember that shortened curve, we’re gonna be a whole lot better off and this is all going to pass quicker, and life can return to a normal pattern for all of us.

Let’s do what we can. Let’s certainly obey the guidelines, the laws that have been given to us and certainly keep our prayers to God for His blessing, for His intervention as well.