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UCGia Bible Insights Thursday, March 07 2019

Evolution: an article of faith

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is now widely accepted and taught in most schools, but the convincing evidence he predicted would be discovered has not eventuated.

The past half-century has not been kind to Darwin’s theory of evolution. When his now world famous book entitled On The Origin Of Species was published in 1859, Darwin admitted the fossil record he cited to support his theory was full of gaps. He predicted many of the missing transitional species would be found in the years following the publication of his book.

More than 150 years later and with vast reaches of the planet having been explored, the fossil record still fails to demonstrate the necessary evidence to prove his theory. Meanwhile, new scientific discoveries in the field of microbiology and the complexities of the cell have further challenged Darwin’s theory.

These new discoveries undermining evolutionary thought have created a situation reminiscent of the Late Middle Ages, when nearly everyone believed the earth was the center of the universe. In the mid-1500s when Copernicus and Galileo conclusively proved the sun was the centre of the solar system the discovery was rejected by most people and Galileo was severely persecuted. In like manner scientists who challenge evolution today often endure ridicule from their colleagues for acknowledging publicly the growing anti-evolutionary discoveries.