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UCGia Bible Insights Thursday, April 04 2019

Empires on the rise

The Bible contains an accurate account of world events, including an outline of current international developments leading up to the return of Jesus Christ. These prophecies can be found in the writings of the prophet Daniel and the book of Revelation.

Even in our 21st century God is moving among the nations, controlling developments to fit in with His purpose and plans. Some political analysts feel we may now be in an axial period, with major powers making moves to ascend to greater strength, while others are declining.

Many wonder if China will soon become a world empire, possibly replacing the United States as the most influential nation in the world. And what about the Middle East? Will the tiny nation of Israel survive, surrounded by warring Islamic factions? The troublesome nation of Iran has not forgotten the past glories of the ancient Persian Empire, and longs for a more influential position on the world stage.

Putin, a modern day Russian Czar, is moving to restore the former might of the Soviet Union, and to safeguard his nation by re-establishing the traditional buffer zones between Russia and the European nations, such as the war-torn Ukraine.

Currently Great Britain’s attempts to exit the EU dominates world news, and the US President is encouraging the nations of Europe to take more responsibility for their own defence. Surprisingly, your Bible reveals that developments within the European Union will soon astound an unsuspecting international community.

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