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UCGia Bible Insights Friday, March 15 2019

Christianity: a blessing to mankind

Professing Christians and many philosophers will tell you that those who live in countries most affected by the Christian ethic are more blessed with freedom, opportunity and human worth than anywhere else on earth!

Australia today could be described as a post-Christian society. In the 2016 census only 52.1% of Australians classified themselves as Christian, and this percentage is dropping every year. Many of the core values and ethics we cherish have their foundations in the Bible -- although the profound impact of Christianity and the teachings of the Bible are not acknowledged or taught in our classrooms anymore.

A review of history and the development of the values by which most of us live proves the major role biblical teachings play in our society. Even some atheists have noted that some of the more decent influences on our society, such as compassion, are ideas that spring from the legacy of Christ. The classical philosophers viewed compassion and humility as signs of weakness, but these Christian traits are essential for a humane society.

A closer look at Christ’s life on earth and His then ‘radical’ teachings clearly demonstrate this fact. All inhabitants of the Western world—whether professing Christians or not—have benefited from the influence of Christianity, and nearly two billion people in 260 countries still profess some form of Christianity although some are persecuted because of their beliefs.